In collaboration with the Ching Kwok Buddhist Temple, we are offering ongoing Tutoring Instructions for students ages 8 to 13, and also Adult ESL classes every Sunday at 284 / 300 Bathurst Street, Toronto.

We have hosted Buddhist summer day camps for youth and children since 2011.

In 2011, we hosted two camps, one for ages 11-13, one for ages 14-16/17.

In 2012, we hosted two camps, one for ages 5-10, and one for ages 14-16/17.

In 2013 we presented Leadership and Mindfulness Camp for teens 13-17. 


The camps were successful and the campers learned about the Buddha and his teachings in a fun and engaging environment. We received very positive feedback from campers and parents.

Based on our experience in the past three years, we will incorporate Dharma teachings in our Sunday classes.